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Ukiyo Candle

Ukiyo Candle


Introducing "Ukiyo" Candle - Tranquil Essence of the Floating World


Step into the serene realm of "Ukiyo," where the Japanese concept of living in the moment unfolds through an exquisite blend of Ozone, Linen, Eucalyptus, Sea Salt, Freesia, Moss, and Powder. This candle captures the essence of the ephemeral beauty of life, evoking a tranquil atmosphere reminiscent of the Floating World. The delicate notes of fresh linen, invigorating eucalyptus, and the subtle interplay of sea salt and moss create a sensory journey that transports you to a peaceful haven. 

Embrace the moment with "Ukiyo" as it gracefully fills your space with the calming and harmonious fragrance inspired by the beauty of Japanese aesthetics.

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